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Welcome to Anastasia Church Elkton's
Free Glasses Event
Please note: at this time we reached our capacity. We encourage you still to sign up below as we will try to make more space and if possible schedule another event like this in the near future. If we can't provide we have some great resources for you. 
Event (capacity reached):
We will donate new eye glasses (max 1 per person) including:
- Quality frame
- Plastic lenses (or Polycarbonate for children under 18)
- Lenses, your choice of:
  • Distance only
  • Computer/intermediate (24") only
  • Reading only (16")
  • Line bifocals
We will have 2 dates available for this event:
  • Saturday November 9 2019  8 AM - 12 PM​​​
    • No more appointments available
      • You still can get glasses, see update below
  • 2nd date TBD (probably 2nd Saturday in December)​
    • No more appointments available
      • You still can get glasses, see update below
Anastasia Church Elkton (Office location)
4935 State Road 207, Elkton FL 32033
Important information:
  • At the time of the event we ask you come prepared with a valid glasses prescription
    • Unfortunately all appointments are booked we have reached max capacity.
    • See update below
  • We can match your current eye glasses prescription if desired
  • Children under 12 need to be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist for their glasses prescription. Unfortunately we do not have any frames for infants.
  • In some cases you may have to be referred for a comprehensive eye exam or other testing. In that case we have resources for you.
  • If you bring in your own prescription, or want your prescription matched, you can just walk in. No appointment necessary, but do register below.
  • Due to limitations from our sponsor the lenses will be of standard thickness and can not be progressive, nor do they have any coatings or other add-on's.However, children under 18 will get glasses with high-impact resistant, scratch resistant, and UV protective lenses.
Update 11/10/2019:
At this point we have no more appointments left. You can still register below to get some great resources to help you with your vision needs. We are also looking into repeating this event in the near future if possible.
By registering you will automatically receive updates of our donation event.
Please fill in the form below to register:
Anastasia Church Elkton
Glasses Donation Event
What date would you like to come?
Please choose:

Success! Thanks for submitting this form. We will be in touch with you real soon.

Please join us every Sunday at 10:30AM for our Worship Service

Services currently held at South Woods Elementary School in Elkton

For more information visit our website

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