At Art for Eyes Optical we care about your vision. This is what makes us unique:

  • Large selection of frames: we carry over 750 frames in stock

  • Largest authorized Costa Del Mar dealer in Clay County

  • Largest authorized WileyX dealer in Clay County 

  • Locally owned and operated for over 15 years!

  • We support our local community

  • Quality, Service, Convenience and your Vision are our priority

  • We are affordable

  • Already have an eye doctor? Bring in your prescription

  • We carry unique products you can't find at the chain stores

  • No pushy sales persons, we don't work on commission, we work for you!

  • We accept most insurances, all major credit cards, HSA & FSA accounts, Care Credit and have lay-away options

  • Christian based company

Take a look in our optical shop by clicking on the video below:

We Specialize in lenses

There are over 30 different types of lenses available!

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Art for Eyes Optical

Come SEE the difference!

Our Accessories include

  • Costa Gear

  • WileyX Gear

  • Croakies / straps

  • Fashion Jewelry

  • and much more...

Our Services include

  • Specialty Frames 

    • Petite ​

    • Extra Large 

    • Ultra light-weight

    • Oxygen glasses

    • Safety frames

  • Sunglasses

  • Contact Lenses

  • Specialty Ultra Thin Lenses

  • Computer glasses

  • Specialty occupational glasses

  • Rush Orders

  • Prisms

  • Slab-off glasses

  • Repairs

We are here to service all of your eye care needs. We SpecialEyes in your eyes!

Support your local small town business. Stop in and see Karen or Martyn