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E  Y  E  S  C  H 

E    C    K    E    D    S    O    O    N

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Best Eye Doctor Orangepark FL 
Meet Dr. Sheila Merritt! She is a Jacksonville native and a great Christian lady. Dr. Merritt serves the Jacksonville area for over 30 years. What sets her apart from other eye doctors is that she spends quality time with her patients. She does the "work-up" and all the measurements herself while you can get alls yours questions and concerns answered. You are never just a number at Art For Eyes!

Eye Exam Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Glasses prescription

  • Contact lens fitting / prescription

  • Diabetic eye exam

  • Glaucoma eye exam

  • Cataracts evaluation

  • Dry eyes

  • Other eye problems like pink eye, eye injuries,

      abrasions, double vision etc.

Did you know an eye exam can reveal:

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • Certain auto-immune disorders

  • High cholesterol

  • Thyroid disease

  • Cancer inside the eye and around the eye lids

  • Tumors / brain tumors

An eye exam is recommended every two years. If you are 60 years or older or have underlaying health conditions its recommended to have an eye exam every 12 months. It's not only important to determine your vision and check the general health of your eyes; an eye exam is so much more!

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