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Curbside Pickup & Assistance

How it works:

Park your car in our parking lot and call us by pressing the button below.

Tell us your name and the Curbside Assistance Service you need and we will come to your car shortly to assist you. 

Any payments due can be made over the phone.

Curbside Assistance Services:

  • Curbside Pickup 

    • Glasses​

    • Lenses

    • Frames

    • Contact Lenses

    • Repairs

    • Accessories

  • Curbside Assistance

    • Adjustments​

    • Small Repairs

  • Curbside Orders

    • Warranties​

    • Contact Lens Boxes

    • Contact Lens Trials

    • Lenses Only (using your frame)

When you are parked by our store press the button below to call us for Curbside Assistance

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