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Gift Certificates

Support our small business and purchase gift certificates online.

  • Delivered straight to your email

  • No expiration date

  • Available for Glasses, Rx sunglasses, Contact lenses and non Rx Sunglasses

Order Gift Certificates online
Eye glasses(frames and/or lenses)
Prescription Sunglasses
Contact Lenses (get up to 15% off at time of contact lens order* + FREE trials)
Non Rx Sunglasses (get up to 30% when you come and pick out your sunglasses)

Please read Terms & Conditions:

Gift certificates/gift cards will never expire. No refund or cash back. 

Eye Glasses Gift Certificates can be used for frame only, lens(es) only or a combination of each. Gift Card not valid with other discounts (as you already received 30% discount).

Prescription Sunglasses Gift Certificates can be used for frame and lenses, or lenses only. Gift Card not valid with other discounts as you already received 30% discount). Some restrictions may apply to Costa Del Mar sunglass frames/lenses and Wiley X frames/lenses.

Contact Lens Gift Certificates are sold at regular pricing. However depending on the contact lens brand/manufacturer you might get up to 15% off your contact lenses of regular retail pricing. We automatically check for mail in rebates for you and if you qualify we will give the rebate form/instructions to you. 

Non Rx Sunglasses Gift Certificates are sold at regular price. You will receive 30% discount off regular retail price when you check out your sunglasses, unless you choose Costa Del Mar, Wiley X or Spy sunglasses as we have a contract with these vendors not to change pricing. 

For All Gift Certificates:

Some frames might be excluded from using this gift certificate, like Costa Del Mar, Spy and Wiley X. Specialty labs like Costa Del Mar/Luxottica and Wiley X are exluded.  

Gift Card might not be valid if you have vision insurance, as insurance companies dictate your copay. If you have insurance we will try to work with you to get the most benefit out of your insurance and gift card.

Thank you for supporting our small business! We appreciate you.

Your Gift Certificate Order will be processed after payment. We will contact you for your payment method. You can pay over the phone, send us a check, or come pay at our store.


Thank you for supporting our small business 

Thank you. We will process your order typically within 24 hours. We will email you with instructions for payment. After payment is received you will get your certificate delivered via email.

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