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Kids Glasses

Specialty glasses at Art For Eyes Optical

There are well over 30 different type of glasses available:

Next to traditional bifocals, trifocals, distance, reading and progressive we specialize in:

Night Time Driving glasses Reduce halo's and glare at night


Drive Wear Glasses High-contrast polarized glasses which get different densities in the car depending on brightness. Also great for anyone who is outside all the time

Golf & Tennis glasses Lenses with 4 focal lengths including ground-view for the golf / tennis ball

Sports glasses High-impact resistant lenses with build in brightness protection

Blu-Tech Indoor glasses Glasses protecting you from damaging blue-light which comes from computers, digital displays, LED lights etc.

Blu-Tech Outdoor glasses Polarized high contrast sunglasses protecting you from blue-light. These lenses are unique as they DON'T darken digital displays, unlike traditional polarized sunglasses.

Office glasses Especially designed for an office environment. Extra wide reading and mid-range vision. Perfect for computer users with wide or dual screens. You can see between 16 inch to 10 feet.


Pilot glasses Overhead, distance, intermediate and near vision included


Safety glasses High-impact resistance lenses and frames according to ANSI standards, custom made for any vision range

Sun glasses Good protective sunglasses have protection from UV-A, UV-B,

blue-light and need to be polarized for glare protection


TV glasses For comfortable watching TV without any distortion from your reading area. Great for contact lens wearers

Occupational glasses Specialty glasses for electricians, plumbers etc. for any profession we can customize the focal lengths you need in one pair of glasses.

Please contact us if you have any questions. (904) 644 - 8873 or e-mail us at

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